Green Snack/Sandwich bag

Reusable, zero waste sandwich or snack bag. Perfect for lunchboxes or snacks on the go!

Green Snack/Sandwich bag,

Handmade with love.

Washable by hand or machine (ideally wash inside out). Dry in the open air. Green Snack/Sandwich bag durable and resilient. Open with a zipper. Made of Cotton and 100% PUL fabric, therefore waterproof.

Choice between 2 sizes:

  • 16 x 23 cm sandwich bag ($ 8.50)
  • Snack bag 19 x 13 cm (7.84)

The size may vary a bit from bag to bag.

If you buy a DUO (a snack bag – a sandwich bag) you get 2 bags for $ 14.50 (instead of $ 16.34 if you buy the 2 bags separately).



The set of 2 snack bags for the sandwich or your raw vegetables are perfect for your midday meal. You can easily slip your sandwich or the celery and carrot stick into your small lunch bag, which will add cheerfulness to your meal. All the flavor of your food will be well preserved in these small snack bags.

Our zero waste bags are ecological and easily washable, they will be very useful to you on a daily basis for fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, nuts, cheeses, popcorn, granola, etc. The snack bags have a practical size and are equipped with a zipper. They will become perfect companions for the midday meal.

Reusable bags that replace plastic wrap

The interior of our snack bags is lined with a certified food PUL and designed to preserve the freshness of your food. The matching placemat will ensure a clean and hygienic surface during your midday meal.

Our Pul lined reusable snack bags are washable. The PUL is a lightweight knit polyester coated with polyurethane film flexible about 1 mm. This film makes the fabric waterproof while keeping its breathable properties.

Replace your Ziploc plastic bags with reusable bags

Every little bit counts! You will save 365 plastic bags per year and contribute to the well-being of the planet. Our reusable snack bags are washable and are made in Quebec.

Please contact me for more information. All your packages are packed as little as possible, for environmental reasons.



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