Kente Yellow Green-WAX Fabric

Made of 100% cotton and high quality PUL with an elastic band to firmly hold your dish. Fully breathable, you can cover hot food to let it cool down quickly, for example pans (remove from heat source first) and your food will not sweat. For a specific bowl cover size, please contact me for a quote. If you want a different fabric, please let me know and I will do my best to serve you. This article does not contain harmful materials.

Kente Yellow Green-WAX Fabric

One high quality reusable Kente Yellow Green-WAX Fabric , washable and dryer-safe bowl cover.
Ensures the freshness of your food. The elastic band makes it easy to fit to any shape of plate, bowl or container. Bowl covers minimize your use of disposable plastics such as plastic food wrap.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Goes in the washer and dryer at medium temperature*.
  • It is practical and adapts well to a busy lifestyle. You won’t need to transfer your meals or leftovers to other containers or waste time looking for matching lids. Simply place the cover on your dish and toss it in the fridge! You’ll also have fewer dishes to do… You’re welcome. 😉
  • A variety of beautiful AFRICAN prints and colors are available that will look great when setting the table for guests.
  • The fabric is lined and is easy to hand-wash with a damp cloth for immediate reuse. It is water resistant and airtight, keeping your food fresher longer. Lining is certified to be free from phthalates; contains no DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DnOP and meets CPSIA requirements. Fabric has been manufactured with minimal environmental impact.


Single-use plastic wrap is harmful to your family and the environment. Replacing the packaging with a cotton bowl cover is one way to protect your family from the toxic chemicals in the plastic that gets into your food and it’s eco-friendly.


Each bowl cover is HANDMADE in a small town in Quebec, Canada. Each cover comes with a sewn-in elastic that securely holds your cover around the bowl to keep it in place and make it easy to use. A cover that stays in place keeps your food fresher, longer!

This article does not contain harmful materials.


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