Blue washable wax wipes

Washable sponges are reusable. When you have sent them in need of a wash, simply put them in the washing machine with your regular load. Perfect purchase to start your journey to zero waste! Handmade in Quebec. Hostess gift idea!

Why we like the set of 4 Washable zero waste wipes

What if you could help the environment by washing your baby? For changing or refreshing it, the washable wipes from MyWaxprint are perfect!
They are also suitable for your daily make-up removal. And when you know a single washable wipe can replace up to 300 disposable cottons, how can you resist?

The characteristics of the set of 4 washable wipes
Dimensions: 14,5 x 11 cm
Weight: 40g
Composed of a face in 100% organic cotton terry cloth and a face in colored african fabric
Zero waste
100% Québec  manufacturing

Dahlia ♥

The artisanal and responsible manufacture of this batch of washable wipes. Indeed, these pretty washable wipes are made by hand by an integration workshop in Québec.

Every little bit counts! You will save 365 plastic bags per year and contribute to the well-being of the planet. Our reusable wipes are washable and are made in Quebec.

Please contact me for more information. All your packages are packed as little as possible, for environmental reasons.


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