Black fruit and vegetable bag - Yellow & Green

If you don’t already have it, this is a must have for zero waste items to cut down on single use plastic bags. Shopping in an eco-responsible way has never been easier! Choose the motif that you like and which will make you proud to be so eco-responsible! All bags are handmade, by me!

Reusable and washable African Black Mesh – Yellow & Green bag for fruits and vegetables.

The mesh of the bag allows you to see the label of the fruits and vegetables which allows you to scan them at the checkout without having to take them out of the bag. The bag is resistant and closes with a drawstring. You can also use it as a laundry bag for washing delicate items. By using a single reusable bag, multiple plastic bags can be replaced. In addition, the bag is flexible and can easily slip into your purse.


Medium: 12 inch x 8 inch
Large: 17 inch x 11,5 inch
Set of two Inches

You can wash your bag by hand or in your washer and tumble dry.
The layout of the patterns may differ from the photos.

You bring your tote reusable shopping bags to the store. Bring eco-friendly, fabric food bags along, too!

These lightweight drawstring bags are often sold in sets of three or more. They make it easy for cashiers to weigh your items AND for you to carry and organize your purchases. They’re washable, reusable, come in two sizes. They’re also an excellent way to stop using plastic , even paper, produce bags.

Benefits of refusing plastic produce bags:

Earth doesn’t need more plastic.
Recycling plastic isn’t the answer.
Grocery stores are going zero waste; we should, too.

How do you wash reusable mesh bags?

Flip them inside out and wash them by hand in warm soapy water. If you prefer to machine wash them, use the gentlest cycle to prevent the bag from coming apart. Then, allow them to air dry


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